Virtual Space One has been in the construction industry for over 18 years working with architectural firms, commercial real estate for high rise leasing, space planning, residential builders, developers and supply chain management striving to work for a common goal to create and develop clear communication processes where the end result culminates to a happy client.

Geospatial Analysis

Collecting data is essential to the DNA of any project. Construction information is now used a smart technology which works on cloud base systems providing accurate data to communicate with all participants. To tackle all the moving parts in a construction project the tools and techniques of GIS enable the end-user to be more proactive utilizing GIS datasets and 3D environments.

Design and Production Services

Architectural design drawings need to show all details for the builder to erect a structure and show all features that are unique to that structure. The process of design production would include detail explanation of how the structure would be built through floor plans, sections, elevations and professional engineering. Virtual Space One is located in the Phoenix metropolitan area and works directly with many licensed professionals, builders and architects assuring that we will develop what is needed to create that dream for our client in their new home.

3D Studies

Visualized 3D models, images, and animations allows the project to see what processes are needed during construction. Key to the modeling of a project determines what the pre-existing conditions are during the remodel phase and to reduce any material waste while at the same time a tool to visualize the new completed structure before it is built. Real-time decision making occurs during this phase and allows a project to be completed in a timely manner.