Virtual Space LLC, has been serving the construction industry for 30 years and is now a second generation consulting firm. We are a technology consulting firm helping our clients use current technologies specializing in the deployment of efficient systems. We provide expertise in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, (AEC), Anthropology, Education, Museums, and GIS Industries.

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    Eco-Learning Center

    The Eco-Learning Center is a community center bringing the community together to educate young minds about gardening, hydroponics, and sustainable systems.


    human experience. This AR learning app was developed to understand the construction methodology of a Jacal. A type of shelter used by various native groups in the American Southwest and Northwest Mexico. Each native culture had their own version and methods. Our Jacal was based on a Yaqui design when we collaborated with El Museo de los Yaquis in Cococrit Sonora, Mexico.

    AR Mesquite Tree

    The Sonoran desert is filled with various tree species that can be extremely beneficial to surviving in the harsh climate. Native groups have and continue to use various trees such as the Mesquite tree as a food source. In this AR application the user sees the break down of the anatomical structure of a Mesquite tree and its benefits.