As technology evolves so does the world, newer software and hardware allow humans to enrich their environments. We can ensure that technology will be embedded into our daily lives. At Virtual Space we see that virtual technology can assist museums and anthropology to enhance our understandings of the human past.



Museums are a gateway to a communities’ past. Each museum holds records of our communities’ histories others hold a larger history on a special topic to our human experience. A museum should be an experience to knowledge, an opportunity to explore the treasures of the past supported by the latest technologies


Spatial Data

Spatial data is the DNA to our world. It is essential for all projects to have the best data available to make the most accurate decisions and research. Spatial data will allow real-time decisions making and pinpoint the project to the world.


3D Environments

3D is a powerful tool that can allow insight into a project. This tool has allowed users to see accurate information, before and after site studies. Scanning and VR/AR/MR environments transport us to any site. This allows us to be in an interactive learning environment with enhancing our understanding of the project with physically being at the site hundreds or thousands of miles away at the lab or office.