The movement of Mexican migration and its impact based on a GIS geospatial database

This is a project base on a thesis by Jonathan Rodriguez in the spring of 2019. The thesis reviewed how historical events influenced Mexican migration into the US. Events such as labor demand in the agriculture, mining and railroad industries, the bracero program, NAFTA and much more. By reviewing historic numbers this allows us to see how certain events can trigger shifts in migration. So far this page only contains 8 layers that reflect 2 datasets, but more datasets will be added in the future. The four layers reflect the Mexican American population in 1980,1990,2000,2010. This data came from the US Census. The Mexican-American population is imporant to consider for this project because these numbers (not all) are a byproduct of recent migrations, It is important to realize the Mexican-American has been in the US Western States before the 1850's and has naturally continued to grow. Other points of view could also consider the indigenous ancestry of the Mexican-American, the thesis discuss this further. Four other layers show four different years of the number of Mexican immigrants from each Mexican state. This data came from Encuestas sobre Migracion en las Fronteras Learn more about the thesis here!
Map Key US Shapefile: MAPOP = Mexican-American Population Mexico Shapefile: Provides the amount of immigrants that came to the US during the corresping year You can use the side layer tool to turn off and on the different layers from previous years DataSource The movement of Mexican migration and its impact based on a GIS geospatial database, Jonathan Rodriguez 2019 USC Digital Library. Basemap OpenStreetMaps